Henna Jethani graduated from MSJ in 2010. She was involved in Tech and Robotics while at MSJ. She graduated from MIT in 2014 with her B.S. in Aerospace Engineering & Information Technology and is now pursuing an M.S. in BioAstronautics at CU Boulder in Colorado. ┬áThis is a brief overview of the points that Henna touched upon at today’s meeting.

  • Life Support Systems
  • Design of Space Habitats
  • Human Physiology in Space
  • Environmental Control
  • Machine learning
    • Teaching machines to learn about themselves
  • Physiological changes in space
    • Skeletal unloading
    • Fluid shift in body
    • Muscle atrophy
    • Legs shrink in size
    • Radiation shielding
  • Environmental Control + Life Support Systems
    • Maintaining environmental atmosphere
    • EVA + IVA suits
    • Design Drivers
      • Mass
      • Power
      • Volume
      • Human Metabolic Rates
    • Companies
      • NASA
      • SpaceX
      • Lockheed
      • Boeing
      • Orbital Outfitters- Spacesuits
    • MarsOasis
      • CU Bioastronautics Lab
    • Calteh Space Challenge
      • 5 day international space mission design competition
      • Mission to send astronauts to asteroid in lunar orbit

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