Greetings, young one. If your curious eyes have found this page, chances are that you are interested in the glorious fields of science and technology. Well, you are in the right place, my friend. Let this be the starting point of your grand adventure into the wonderful world of science and technology, the wonderful world of Tech and Robotics.

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Follow the instructions below, and you will lose your nub status. We guarantee it!

  1. Enlist – Add your email to our emailing list, either at Maze Day, by contacting us through our Contact Us page, or by emailing us directly at roboticsmsj@gmail.com.
  2. Explore – If MSJ Maze Day has not happened yet, be sure to go check out the MSJ Tech and Robotics’ booth and talk to our representatives!  There will be a lot of information about what we do, as well as a very evil demo robot for you to try out!
  3. Prepare – In preparation for our first club meeting, look over our website’s various resources, particularly the Competitions page.   In recent years, Tech and Robotics members have primarily participated in the FTC and FRC competitions.  Visit the websites of these various competitions briefly; this will help you understand what we are talking about once our meetings begin.
  4. Attend – Once school starts, visit this website, watch your email, and listen to the morning announcements for news about upcoming meetings!
  5. Compete! – If you are interested in our competitions, you can then gather a team, and register for them!

Instructions on how to register for FTC are found here.
Instructions on how to register for FRC are found here