TARC is the annual nationwide model rocketry contest. Each team of three or more students (Grades 7-12) builds a rocket and launches it to meet certain targets and specifications. The rockets are launched with a payload of one raw hen egg of 55-60 grams, which must be recovered safely separate from the motor stage. Recovery is done by at least one parachute, and all parts of the rocket must return safely. Scoring is based on proximity to a target altitude and time range (from launch until touchdown). For 2015, the target altitude is 800ft, and the target time range is 46-48 seconds. The score is calculated by adding the absolute difference between the achieved altitude and the target altitude and 4 times the lowest absolute difference between the achieved time and the targeted time range. The lower the score the better.

Each team has a maximum of three qualification attempts, which are then submitted, and are then judged based on the two best scores. The teams which score in the top 100 are then invited to nationals, which occur in May, in Virginia. The teams there compete for the national titles.

Full Description: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/msjhs-tarc/HywCLvDhg74

More info: www.rocketcontest.org

Blog: msjtarc.wordpress.com

Google Groups: groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/msjhs-tarc

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