Welcome to the MSJ T&R Engineering Competetion!

Team up with some friends and create something innovative. There will be prizes!

  1. Objectives
    1. Devise a new contraption, method, or service that will benefit the Mission San Jose community in a specific way.
    2. Construct a prototype of this contraption.  The prototype may be scaled down, but should be able to demonstrate the contraption’s primary functions.
    3. Document this device through some presentational method, as described below in Contest and Judging Procedure.
  2. Rules
    1. Teams can range from 0 to 10 people.
    2. Should teams wish to construct a prototype, there are no restrictions on the materials allowed.
    3. The competition entry can be entirely virtual. (eg: Software, website, etc)
    4. Projects should be constructed without an intent to cause harm.
    5. Entries must have visuals, whether it be a prototype, scale model, or detailed sketches. Do not submit just a wall of text.
  3. Contest and Judging Procedure
    1. Teams must submit a written summary of the project in PDF, Word, or Text format, or as a website.
      1. The report does not have to be lengthly, as long as it describes the project with sufficient detail.
    2. Teams will present the project to a panel of judges during a meeting, with the prototype. A demonstration would be awesome.
      1. If there is no prototype, a presentation will do. Be sure to show the detailed sketches. If a team has a website, they may present that as well.
  4. Due Date
    1. All entries must be submitted to roboticsmsj@gmail.com by May 25th at 11:59 PM.
  5. Prizes
    1. First place – $100 to winning team
    2. Second place – $50 to second-place team
    3. Third place – $25 to third-place team
  6. An Example of an Entry
    1. An example of a project that would benefit MSJ is:
      1. Make it so student ID Cards can be used to make purchases in MSJ at places such as the cafeteria, the student store, and so forth. Students can then pay off their debts on a website.


Good luck to everybody!

Remember, all entries must be submitted to roboticsmsj@gmail.com by May 25th at 11:59 PM.


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