First Tech Challenge is a competition organized by the FIRST organization where teams of 3 to 10 highschool students build robots and pit these robots against each other in a game that changes every year.

The FTC season starts in early September and ends in late April. Teams must first compete in tournaments called Qualifiers and meet the advancement requirements to move on to the regional competition. Teams that qualify to advance from the regional competition may then move onto the World Championship. There will be many qualifiers held throughout the season, usually 2 to 3 every month.

Additional information on the game can be found at

Information about the Norcal FTC region can be found at

Registration Information

To register for FTC, follow the steps below.

  • Assemble a team of 3-10 students you are comfortable working with.
  • Create a TIMS account at and create a new FTC team.
  • Fill out the required information to create a new FTC team.
  • Have all team members create an individual account at and sign up for FTC. When prompted, input the team number (e.g. 4141, 5089) and submit the required information.
  • The team captain should log in to the TIMS account and edit Student Team Members. Accept all members of your team that have applied.
  • Pay the registration fee through your TIMS account.
  • Purchase a starter kit through your TIMS account.
  • To register for tournaments, go to when the season starts.

Finish these steps and you’re set.

Good luck!