The Mission San Jose Tech and Robotics Club is dedicated to the upholding and advancing of the beliefs of the FIRST organization and of the encouragement of highschool participation in science and technology. The Mission San Jose Tech and Robotics Club (hereinafter referred to as MSJ T&R) encourages students to participate in FIRST programs such as First Tech Challenge (hereinafter referred to as FTC) and First Robotics Competition (hereinafter referred to as FRC). With numerous FTC teams and a district wide FRC team, MSJ T&R has a long and illustrious history of FIRST participation. In the year of 2011-2012, Mission San Jose had the most FTC teams of any highschool in Northern California. The club, MSJ T&R, has fostered a love of robotics and science in students, and hope to inspire many more in the years to come. FTC and FRC are open to all Mission San Jose students and the club is eager to welcome any prospective members. Should building robots, solving problems, and working with talented individuals sound like your cup of tea, send the club a message and let us know.

You won’t regret it.

Questions about the club’s functions, questions about any of the competitions, and questions about robot technicalities (wiring issues, software issues, etc) can all be addressed through the Contact Us page.

Interested in joining?